Sports and Extraordinary Ability

Immigrants who can demonstrate that they have extraordinary abilities in the Arts, Sciences, Athletics, Business or Education may be eligible for visas to the US or even for green cards.  Due to the extensive and confusing requirements for extraordinary ability immigration, it is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney on your side. Ksenia Maiorova, also known as The Sports Visa Lawyer,™ is an award-winning immigration attorney, who is internationally recognized for her work in Sports Immigration. She personally develops the strategy and takes the lead on every Sports/Extraordinary Ability case that we handle.

Our Extraordinary Ability Clients

Over the years, we have helped a variety of gifted and exceptional individuals obtain visas and green cards to the United States. Our clients range from Olympic sprinters, to world-famous marathoners, to authors of popular fiction. Since the inception of our firm, 100% of our extraordinary ability cases were approved.

Special focus on Track & Field

Ksenia Maiorova has been a Track & Field fan since attending college and becoming friends with American sprint legends Deedee Trotter (2 time Olympian) and Justin Gatlin (world champion, 3 time Olympian), and she focuses a substantial portion of her practice on obtaining sports visas and green cards for Track & Field athletes who train and compete in the US. We create solutions that allow you to remain focused on what is most important – your performance in the “oval office” and winning medals.